Dont Do This When Growing Your Affiliate Marketing Business In 2021

GG –  I want to bring you a really really quick tip it’s really important if you are wanting to build a personal brand to sell affiliate products and maybe eventually your own products.

Okay when you’re building your brand you need to be really really care about the way that you do. It so that you don’t mess this up because it can get you in a lot of trouble.

You might be flying along but if you if you make this mistake it can get you in a lot of trouble if you don’t pay attention to what I’m going to cover.

okay before we jump into it if you get value from this one in particular. Okay so one thing that i help people do is they want to make money on the internet right and uh I help them with the process of setting up a personal brand growing an audience in particular right now at the time of filming this I help people with high ticket affiliate marketing so we  help them plug into higher ticket.

 affiliate products so something that’s going to pay them you know 500 a thousand dollars may be a little bit more per sale and we help them build an audience and a brand around themselves so a personal brand uh that they can monetize with those products okay the incredibly profitable thing to do the incredibly fun process when you once you get moving and you understand how it works you set up your conversion process that plugs into your offer and you push leads through and there’s some really really cool stuff that you can do.

when you’re in momentum it’s it’s amazing you know two sales a week at a thousand bucks a sale a thousand bucks a commission you’re at eight thousand dollars a month if you’re out there trying to promote stuff that’s going to pay you 30 40 dollars like don’t even you know the amount of customers you’re going to need is is just going to be. 

so high right so that’s why I really like the high ticket model but here’s my advice to you when you’re building a brand from scratch early days let’s say you want to promote an affiliate product high ticket or otherwise I’m just telling you what I prefer and what i recommend to my students from my experience but if you’re building a personal brand. 

don’t build the brand around one product, in particular, build the brand around you okay build the brand around your stories your results the value you can bring to the market the lessons that you’ve learned from your journey your stories build it around you and your life and what you’re doing and what you’re going to do and what you’ve done don’t build everything around one particular product right so don’t make every single piece of content about one affiliate program in particular.

you might love it now but it might disappear it might change you might fall out of love with it the compensation plan might change build the brand around you and you can monetize it with whatever you want okay that might be that one program now but in two years right if you’ve built only an audience of people who are only ever going to be interested in that one thing.

and that’s the specific the reason that they’ve come to you right if something was to go wrong that’s going to be bad um you know that can happen in this space as well as companies disappear and and all this kind of stuff happens and that might be out of your control but if you’ve built your entire brand around that one product and that one offer it can get really really messy okay so this doesn’t mean that you can’t monetize and have and have a core the product that’s actually that’s actually.

what we tell our students to do is is have one core product that you focus on have that one core high ticket product that you that you focus on but the way that you do the content is different okay so your content is not going to be all built around oh these are the features and the benefits and this is what you get with this program.
this is what you don’t get and this is who it’s for and here’s the success stories and all that kind of stuff you do that stuff as part of your content but it’s only one one piece of it right the broader brand and the value that you share is about you it’s more generic right as in it’s, it’s more broad market rather than being specific to that product. 

what that’s going to do is it’s going to attract people to you beyond what product you’re promoting right you’re going to be able to reach a lot of broader people and they’re going to be able to connect to you on a more personal level because they’re going to hear your story and the stuff.

that you’ve done and the stuff that you’ve struggled with and the stuff that you’ve had success with and they’re going to go I relate to that or I relate to that as opposed to just attracting people who are there because they want info about that one particular product then the people who find your brand and and follow your brand for you are also going to be way more likely to come back.

so you might sell on that one thing now and something else tomorrow and then something else in six months if you decide to promote differently things or complementary things but the point is don’t make your brand contingent or or make your brand rely upon one affiliate product.

okay build the brand around you build the brand around your story make your experiences and everything that and then the value that you can bring make that the centerpiece right that’s the centerpiece of your personal brand people are either to like that or they’re not if they don’t they can go somewhere else that’s fine there’s plenty of people out there and then once you’re done delivering that value through your personal brand then you pitch the offer.

okay so you lead with you you lead with your stories you lead with your brand your value your lessons your experience and then you pitch the product okay that means that if you ever want to change complete flexibility right that means that when you do make that shift the people are there for you, not the product so it doesn’t matter right you’re not going to lose a big chunk of your audience sure if you change it change what you’re promoting some people might go.

oh well you know I prefer to listen to someone else who’s involved with that thing whatever that’s fine but the significant majority of people who are following you for you will hang around okay it’s a really really important thing to do from early on I’ve seen people build entire brands around certain affiliate programs the affiliate programs either disappeared .

or it’s changed in a way that they don’t want to promote it anymore and now they’ve got this big audience of people who are only over there and only ever interested in that product and you don’t want to talk about that product anymore you want to go to something different okay so make the brand broader reaching right about you your stories your value and then pitch the product because then you’ve got complete flexibility to move around and do whatever you want.

right this may mean that it’s a slightly slower burn as you as you grow because when you’re when you’re very product-centric you can pick up people who are specifically looking for information about that product, they’re already solution aware.

 they’re easier to target whereas more more general content right people need to um people need to find it and then they actually need to listen and then they need to be drawn to you and then they need to come back so it might be a bit more of a slow burn but they’re going to be more um they’re going to be more committed and more loyal audience members and more followers because of the reason that they’re there and because of how they found you.

 it also gives you a lot more longevity it gives you a lot more flexibility in your content and it means that you stay in control of things okay so just keep that in mind if you’re starting your brand or if you’re growing your brand and you’ve been focusing more on the product-centric side broaden it outright integrate you integrate your experiences go beyond.

as well like I see so many people who just do like how-to content which is fine people want to see that people want like this is how to do whatever this is how to craft an offer this is how to sell something this is how to create this type of funnel.

this is how to SEO youtube here whatever that’s fine people want that stuff but again with your content go broader than that go bigger than that because if you just put out how to do this one thing and that’s all you ever create all you all you’re gonna bring in is people who they want to solve that specific problem and then they’re done the itch has been scratched and they’re done right you can’t integrate much personality into that either whereas if you go a bit broader you integrate your stories you integrate your experiences your highs your lows you let people into your life a little bit right I’m not saying you have to you know take them through your cupboard and show them every aspect of your personal life.

you don’t have to go that far with it right um but add a bit more personality to it beyond just the click by click here’s how to build a bridge funnel as an example uh and then the people that follow you through that content, they’re way more likely to come back because they’re not just there because you’re dispensing the click-by-click information that they needed then those people aren’t that likely to come up again.

I’ve seen this happen as well people build these massive channels off the back of like all right.

how to do that thing and then people never come back because they never integrated themselves their story their journey and if you give people something to follow along with that creates a much more powerful brand and those people will come back again and again and again and those people will buy again and again and again.

okay so hopefully this this empowers a couple of people to shift their perspective on how they’re building their brand adds some personality broaden it out a little bit don’t build it all around one affiliate program because if you want to change and you want to want to be flexible with what you do then this is going to really really help okay I hope you all have a fantastic day.

This article Source by Youtube Jacob Caris Channel and thanks for read.