How To Launch Your Own Lucrative Property Business

GG – hi guys i just put this short articel .together i’m just preparing myself to go for a viewing actually i’m doing what we call a rent to rent viewing a rental rent is when you rent out a property from a landlord. And then you rent it out again at a higher value to a tenon .

so i’m just preparing to do that hence the um tie and attire i do actually like dressing in um tyres anyway so any excuse to put a tie on so basically um i just wanted to give you a little bit of background about myself in case you don’t know who i am my name is ken ojoku and i’m a property investor i’ve been investing in property since 1993.

 I done my first development project in the year 2000 i’ve done several other property deals and development since then i’ve gone on many training programs i’ve spent thousands of thousands of pounds on training i’ve also done mentorships for people to help people to go from zero to hero i’m so passionate about helping people to succeed for me it’s not about the money it’s about the success is about uh transformation is about uh transforming people from maybe where they thought they can go to actually where they can actually go to and this is achieved food property property has opens doors .

for so many things whether you’re trying to get your kids in private school whether you’re trying to buy a new home whether you’re trying to there’s so many things that property opens the doors to so i i’m so passionate about poverty i love everything to do with property but property is not about property is about people so if you know how to work with people then you can make money it’s very simple help people solve problems and you get paid that’s what it’s really all about so that’s just a little bit of background behind myself um i’ve put together this challenge the challenge i’ve run a few of these challenges before and they’ve been very successful so the the most current challenge i’m running is called the financial freedom challenge and we are aiming to make 2 000 people financially free in before December uh 2020.

 so that’s what this is all about um so in this challenge i’m going to show you strategies but it’s not about just teaching i want you to actually do stuff so it’s a challenge where you have to get involved and you actually do you know exercises that’s going to help you on your financial freedom journey there’s no point just being passive and listening you have to be active and actually doing something as well in order to move you from where you are to where you want to be so if you haven’t joined already go to .

that’s the numbers one two two and register there it’s free to register register there we’re gonna kick off um on the 28th of uh september it’s 45 minutes each day .

it’s a five-day program and it’s literally a lunchtime program i’ve condensed about a week’s worth of training which i usually charge about three thousand pounds into five 45-minute chunks it’s not been easy i’ve been working very hard to get this right so that it’s delivered correctly and easy to digest .

I want it simple as literally one two three abc so that you can understand it and appreciate and actually do implement what i’m i’m showing you so if you’ve not registered already go there 122 and register uh feel free to invite your friends the more people the better it’s always nice to do these type of things with other people because you could be held accountable as well so this is a ideal opportunity to do that so uh feel free to drop any questions make a note of questions that you need answers to there’s burning questions that you need those answers to this is the time to make those a list of those questions .

so that when you do come on the challenge you’ll be able to ask those questions and get them answered and it will take you to the next level where you need to be so i look forward to me to you guys i’m so excited it’s going to be a fantastic time i’m looking so forward to sharing my experience with you and taking you to the next level on your financial freedom journey so god bless you take care and i’ll speak to you soon take care bye